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Located in the heart of Milwaukee’s historic Third Ward, 3rd Ward Jewelry houses an eclectic and ever-growing collection of wearable art.

In addition to showcasing over 75 artists from across the country, we proudly represent numerous local Milwaukee jewelers and metalsmiths. Each of the artists that are represented within the gallery institute their own expertise, inspirations, and artistic visions to create meticulously hand-crafted pieces that are meant to resonate with the wearer––aesthetically and inwardly. Exhibiting a medley of pieces fabricated from gold, silver, and platinum, to rice paper, clay, and wood, equally as diverse are the methods utilized in the creative process. Because we believe that art jewelry is a collaborative experience between the artist, the wearer, and viewers alike, at 3rd Ward Jewelry, we make a concerted effort to connect our clients with pieces that are unique and representative of the creative experience.


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