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A Winter Guide: The Third Ward

It’s that time of year again. Everything is merry and bright! We are loving this winter season so far – filled with warm drinks, wearing too many layers, and gifting beautiful jewelry to our loved ones. The Third Ward is filled people enjoying the creative, warm energy in the air as they do their Christmas shopping. We definitely don’t want you to miss out on the exciting things happening here in the Third Ward, so without further ado…
– Colectivo Coffee, 10 a.m. Located in the Milwaukee Public Market to keep your hands warm while out and about. P.S. – coffee from this place is the best for any coffee loving people in your life.
– Milwaukee Public Market, 11 a.m. Your can wander around the unique vendors in the Milwaukee Public Market. You will find authentic Wisconsin-made cheese, aromatic ground spices, screen printed clothing, delicious shortbread from C. Adams Bakery, and kitchen gadgets. This building serves many different types of gift options for those who are close to your heart.
– Lucky Ginger, 12:00 p.m Try some delicious Thai and Vietnamese entrees for lunch! There is something for everyone here – noodles dishes, pho, and more. If you are spending time with friends, we suggest that you each get something different so you can try a few different options. Some of the dishes can be spicy, so this is definitely the best way to reenergize and warm up before heading back into the cold.
– The Marshall Building, 2 p.m. We would love to invite you to our neck of the woods as well. Exploring the entire Marshall Building (where we are located) is a great way to spend your afternoon. Be sure to visit the Treat Bake Shop on the 2nd floor for dessert at 2pm before visiting the rest of the galleries in the building. The historic Marshall Building is filled with unique galleries that we are proud to call neighbors to 3WJ! Definitely visit us at 3rd Ward Jewelry and see some new work that our artists have sent us. Our jewelry is handcrafted and we represent over 40 artists. These styles have been selected for those of you who are looking for a unique, handcrafted jewelry piece as a gift for your best friend, your partner, family member, or child. We recommend exploring some of our pendant and earring options, unless you know your loved one’s ring size. This way your gift can be a surprise!
– Broadway Street, 4 p.m. We always recommend working your way down Broadway Street next. The first store to visit is Lela. This boutique is known for carrying local and international designers that have one of a kind styles. This is the perfect shop for the fashionista in your life. Next you need to stop by one of our trusted neighbors, NL Suits. This where you can find treats life custom suits and ties for that man in your life. Next is Shoo – who doesn’t love the perfect pair of shoes?
– Swig, 6pm We highly recommend Swig for your dinnertime enjoyment. The restaurant exudes a warm atmosphere paired with excellent drink and meal options. If available, you can warm up by cozy fireplace while sipping on one of the fabulous drinks off of Swig’s cocktail menu and enjoying some of our favorite appetizers (tempura snap peas and tomato bruschetta).
Happy Holidays!

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Why Statement Earrings Are A Must

Ayesha Mayadas

Hi everyone! Confession time: I have a thing for statement earrings. Working at 3rd Ward Jewelry has really only reinforced this love of mine. But is that a bad thing? Of course not! Every woman needs a great pair of statement earrings.

First of all, what is a Statement Earring? I like to describe the feeling that I have when I wear them, rather than give a specific definition. When you put your favorite pair of statement earrings on, you feel like you can conquer the world, you feel beautiful, and put together. They may be earrings that are a bit more bold than you normally wear, but regardless, you feel fabulous. Statement earrings have made a recent comeback. Have you ever heard that styles cycle about every 30 years? Well, the 1980’s and 1990’s statement earrings are back with a new twist! I thought it would be great to share some of our favorite statement earrings from 3WJ.


Sterling silver earrings by Christy Klug

We love these earrings on Jenny because of the way that the earrings contrast nicely with her dark hair. These earrings are perfect for the individual who likes a simple design and light feel in the Summer. Christy Klug also offers many other designs that are equally beautiful, but different in the design. These earrings offer a soft texture and shine and unexpected shapes adding detail to the design.

Sterling silver and gold plated earrings Terry Fromm

Sterling silver and gold plated earrings Terry Fromm

Pictured above, I am wearing sculptural earrings by Terry Fromm from Houston, Texas. Fromm is known for these unique pieces such as these that have so much movement. We were particularly taken with this pair of earrings because of the elongated shape and glossy surface. These earrings definitely transform an outfit from “eh” to “wow.”

A gorgeous pair of gold, diamond, and sterling silver earrings by Ayesha Mayadas of New Jersey

A gorgeous pair of gold, diamond, and sterling silver earrings by Ayesha Mayadas of New Jersey

These earrings are hand crafted so beautifully. Diamonds and texture adorn the surface of this sterling silver and gold clad earrings. These elegant earrings fit Jenny’s style perfectly.

Wondering what type of statement earrings are best for your style? Stop by and try on a selection of earring styles to find the pieces that you feel the most “you” in! For Jenny and I, when choosing earrings that fit our personal style the most, we tried on a small collection of jewelry to find the pieces that best suit us. Personally, I found that I enjoy wearing a more delicate pair of statement earrings to match my shorter haircut. For instance, the pair of earrings by Sharon St. Don that I am wearing below, are broken up by the perforations in the shape, portraying the perfect visual weight for my taste.

Earrings by Sharon St. Don

Oxidized sterling silver earrings by Sharon St. Don

Again, I think that everyone needs a great pair of earrings to make the week start well! My favorite aspect of statement earrings is how they can transform an outfit from night to day, from drab to glam, or just give you that extra “something” to your outfit. Pop on by this weekend to try on some earrings or other statement jewelry pieces to match your fancy.

Have a great afternoon, friends!

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If you are into Podcasts, check out Invisibilia while you are at work this week. This is a fascinating look into the inner lives of human emotion and thoughts.

This food blog, Healthyish is fantastic! It is a blog for the foodie, mixed with beautiful design and photography.


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Artist Spotlight – Bikakis and Johns

Screen Shot 2017-07-27 at 2.02.24 PM

Hi there! How has your week been?

This week we have been brushing up our design skills and enjoying having many visitors who not only have spent time in the Third Ward, but also at Lake Michigan. At 3WJ, we appreciate being so close to Lake Michigan. I thought it would be fun to share some work by the dynamic duo, Bikakis and Johns today for our Artist Spotlight! Doesn’t this artwork exude the serene, timeless feeling of being near the water? Bikakis and Johns’ website describes “each piece (as) inspired by the past, styled for the present and destined to become an heirloom in the future.”

Bikakis and Johns are two artists, working out of a self proclaimed “airy studio,” in Brooklyn, New York with two unique backgrounds. Myron Bikakis is originally from Athens, Greece and spent his early years as a student, traveling in pursuit of archeological studies. Bikakis has also participated in various extensive expeditions globally. He inevitably ended up at the Jewelry Arts Institute of New York, which a focus on ancient jewelry techniques. While at the Institute, he and Johns crossed paths. Mark Johns is originally from Florida and pursued a wide range of interests over the years, including music, athletics, and a Masters in English. The duo began working together and eventually became what is now known as “Bikakis and Johns.”

Bikakis and Johns have work in multiple galleries across the country and are particularly known for practicing the ancient techniques of jewelry making. These include working in 22-karat gold, using granulation, and stone setting. The process of granulation consists of surface decoration with small spheres of precious metals, or granules. The contrast of the warm gold is a beautiful combination with the cool tones used in the stones, giving the work a timeless presence.

Website: Bikakis & Johns Jewelry

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Upcoming Gallery Night (and Day!)


Hello everyone! As you read in my last post, 3WJ will be open for Gallery Night & Day this Friday and Saturday. Why come? Well, let me tell you – not only is this a super fun event, but it is also an opportunity to show some love to your local artists and retailers in the area. 3WJ is located in the Marshall Building, on 207 E. Buffalo St. in Milwaukee’s phenomenal Third Ward District. The Marshall Building has 6 floors filled with galleries and artist studios and we are conveniently located on the 1st floor. As always, we will have our growing collection of 40 plus artists, including handful of new work from Lucy Lowe, a warm smile, and lots of inspiration for you.


Don’t miss out on our great collection this Friday night until 9pm and Saturday night until 5pm! We have your taste buds in mind – there is even a delicious bar set up right outside of our space for you to enjoy with friends. This is a great evening for your date night or to spend with friends and family. By the way, if you are looking to make a day of the trip to the Third Ward, check out my last post about my favorite things to do in the area!

Okay, we will see you soon!

Gallery Night and Day information

3WJ’s Ultimate Guide to a Day in the Third Ward

By the way! Jenny and I have been updating our Pinterest Page. If you are an avid Pinterest user, be sure to check out our updated Pinterest page and give us a follow. We have added mood boards For Him, For Her, Weddings, and Inspiration, and more.

3WJ Pinterest

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Your Ultimate Guide to a day in the Historic Third Ward District


Is there really anything better than meandering around the city on a Summer day on your day off? I don’t think so. The only thing I don’t love is going to a city district and not knowing what to do! That’s where we come in – I always take my Milwaukee guests to the Historic Third Ward and will share my favorite go-to spots in the area. Summer is halfway over, so take advantage of the warm weather by spending a day in the beautiful Third Ward District.


To get in the mood to explore the area, flip on my favorite local station, 88.9 Radio Milwaukee, to catch up on Milwaukee music and events as you drive into the Third Ward District. If starting your day in the morning, you have to stop in Holey Moley Donuts to enjoy freshly made, classic donuts. My favorite is the cinnamon and sugar donut paired with freshly brewed coffee. Now you are ready for the rest of the day to explore.

Known for arts and fashion, the Third Ward is a key destination for shopping when you are in Milwaukee. Spend your morning walking along Broadway Street while you are here! I love Shoo Inc. and Lela’s for some unique digs. Before we were located in the Marshall Building, 3WJ shared a store space with Shoo for many years. Let me tell you, they have the best shoes in town! Gentlemen, we didn’t forget about you. NL Suits is a custom clothier that will create a one of a kind, made to measure suit just for you. Don’t be surprised as you find yourself immersed in one of Milwaukee’s best areas for shopping as you walk along Broadway Street.



Next, be sure to pay a visit the Milwaukee Public Market! The Milwaukee Public Market is a collage of great eats and local treats. This space has it all – food, drinks, and gifts. You will see locally printed t-shirts and, if you feel so inclined, fresh cheese curds to indulge in. If you enjoy fresh seafood, you will not go wrong with St. Paul Fish Company. Side note – I grew up on the East Coast with fresh seafood at arm’s length and this seafood passes the test. The Milwaukee Public Market also has yummy hummus and falafel from Aladdin,  tacos from Margarita Paradise, or delicious almond biscotti from the C. Adams Bakery.  Before you head out, be sure to try some fresh juice from The Green Kitchen. The Green Kitchen serves fresh smoothies and juices, salads, and sandwiches.



I always like to get moving right away after lunch when spending a day in the city. There is a beautiful riverwalk located just across the street from the Milwaukee Public Market that takes walkers along the Milwaukee River. If you are feeling adventurous, there is also the option to sightsee along the river by kayak! Clearwater, a local outdoor goods retailer, rents out kayaks to give the adventuresome folks out there the unique experience of seeing the city by river. Following the walk around the Milwaukee River, stop by Colectivo to relax a little bit before dinnertime.

Dinner / Evening

For dinner, I recommend Cafe Benelux or the Wicked Hop. Cafe Benelux has some of my favorite appetizers and drinks in the Third Ward District. Some of the perks of the Wicked Hop would be their amazing Daily Specials and a beer list that will not disappoint. Both places offer patio seating so you can take in all the glory of the Third Ward with a tasty plate of food and beverage in hand.

Next, I would personally like to invite you to Gallery Night (and Day)! This evening takes place every so often in the Historic Third Ward. Galleries and store owners keep their doors open for customers to enjoy a glamorous evening on the town, appreciating artwork. This month, Gallery Night is on Friday, July 21st and Saturday, July 22nd. Yes, 3WJ will be open! If you plan your trip to the 3rd Ward District on a day that Gallery Night takes place, you are in for a treat. Here at 3WJ, our favorite way to top off an evening of gallery-going is to head up to the top floor of the Journeyman Hotel to relax with a handcrafted cocktail. This is a beautiful space worth checking out. Be sure to wear your favorite bowtie or cocktail ring.

The Historic Third Ward District has a lot to offer. It has food, shopping, art, and unique scenery. I can’t tell you how much I love spending time in the Third Ward either with friends or on my own during the Summertime! Be sure to visit us at 3WJ when you are visiting the area!

Events and Places:

Gallery Night and Day information

Milwaukee Public Market information

Hotels to Stay At:

The Iron Horse Hotel

The Pfister Hotel

Journeyman Hotel

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