A Winter Guide: The Third Ward

It’s that time of year again. Everything is merry and bright! We are loving this winter season so far – filled with warm drinks, wearing too many layers, and gifting beautiful jewelry to our loved ones. The Third Ward is filled people enjoying the creative, warm energy in the air as they do their Christmas shopping. We definitely don’t want you to miss out on the exciting things happening here in the Third Ward, so without further ado…
– Colectivo Coffee, 10 a.m. Located in the Milwaukee Public Market to keep your hands warm while out and about. P.S. – coffee from this place is the best for any coffee loving people in your life.
– Milwaukee Public Market, 11 a.m. Your can wander around the unique vendors in the Milwaukee Public Market. You will find authentic Wisconsin-made cheese, aromatic ground spices, screen printed clothing, delicious shortbread from C. Adams Bakery, and kitchen gadgets. This building serves many different types of gift options for those who are close to your heart.
– Lucky Ginger, 12:00 p.m Try some delicious Thai and Vietnamese entrees for lunch! There is something for everyone here – noodles dishes, pho, and more. If you are spending time with friends, we suggest that you each get something different so you can try a few different options. Some of the dishes can be spicy, so this is definitely the best way to reenergize and warm up before heading back into the cold.
– The Marshall Building, 2 p.m. We would love to invite you to our neck of the woods as well. Exploring the entire Marshall Building (where we are located) is a great way to spend your afternoon. Be sure to visit the Treat Bake Shop on the 2nd floor for dessert at 2pm before visiting the rest of the galleries in the building. The historic Marshall Building is filled with unique galleries that we are proud to call neighbors to 3WJ! Definitely visit us at 3rd Ward Jewelry and see some new work that our artists have sent us. Our jewelry is handcrafted and we represent over 40 artists. These styles have been selected for those of you who are looking for a unique, handcrafted jewelry piece as a gift for your best friend, your partner, family member, or child. We recommend exploring some of our pendant and earring options, unless you know your loved one’s ring size. This way your gift can be a surprise!
– Broadway Street, 4 p.m. We always recommend working your way down Broadway Street next. The first store to visit is Lela. This boutique is known for carrying local and international designers that have one of a kind styles. This is the perfect shop for the fashionista in your life. Next you need to stop by one of our trusted neighbors, NL Suits. This where you can find treats life custom suits and ties for that man in your life. Next is Shoo – who doesn’t love the perfect pair of shoes?
– Swig, 6pm We highly recommend Swig for your dinnertime enjoyment. The restaurant exudes a warm atmosphere paired with excellent drink and meal options. If available, you can warm up by cozy fireplace while sipping on one of the fabulous drinks off of Swig’s cocktail menu and enjoying some of our favorite appetizers (tempura snap peas and tomato bruschetta).
Happy Holidays!

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