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Today I have been reflecting on the fact that when it comes to a good environment, I think that 3WJ is up there. After being invited to join 3WJ this Summer, I decided that this warm, yet sophisticated space is an environment I appreciate and had to be a part of. 3WJ does their utmost to serve our customers to the highest standard – today that has looked like designing custom bracelets for an up and coming wellness center.

Remember when I said I would introduce myself to you? Let’s get to it. I live in Milwaukee, Wisconsin on the East Side and am currently pursuing my BFA in Jewelry and Metalsmithing and a Certificate in Community Arts at the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee. In the future, I plan to do production style jewelry work and teach workshops on jewelry and metalsmithing.

Why Metalsmithing?

When I was in High School, I took a Intro to Jewelry class with my art teacher, Deb Mortl. The class was my favorite class over my four year high school career, but I did not realize at the time that there was such a thing as a “Metalsmith.” I moved forward thinking that I would go to school for Art Therapy. I was working at The Cedarburg Coffee Roastery as a barista and I met an amazing Metalsmith named Karen Locher, who invited me to be an apprentice for a handful of months. It is crazy how small interactions with customers turn into something that can change your direction in life. Metalsmithing takes attention to detail and is a very personal medium to work with, as it relates to the body. I love this and I wanted to continue working in this manner. When I took an Intro to Metalsmithing class at UW-Milwaukee, I realized that “metalsmithing,” in fact was a career worth pursuing.

What the future looks like (for now!)

I think that in my future, life will look similar to many of the Metalsmiths that 3WJ carries. This is one of the reasons why I feel so lucky to be working at the 3WJ – I get to see the ins and outs of the gallery world and what galleries expect of metalsmiths. Interacting up close with a lot of the jewelry work has been a beautiful experience so far, and this is one thing that 3WJ sees is an important aspect of the wearer’s experience with jewelry, too. Seeing the impeccable craft and time that many of the artists put into their work and think is something that is not only valuable for myself as an artist, but also for jewelry admirers.

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Here is a face to put with the words you are reading : ) Credit: Caitlin Driver

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Earrings made this Summer.. more to come for the show! Model: Sophie Beck


Trunk show in August & Inspiration for it

Come to my Trunk Show in August! Mollie generously invited me to do a Trunk Sale in August as a part of my time here at 3WJ, so obviously I gladly accepted. I have already begun working on a line of earrings for the show and will continue to make, make, make. My work in the past has been inspired by objects I see in the manmade world (such as children’s furniture or the backs of trucks), or objects in the hidden, natural world (such as deep see creatures and fungi).  In addition to this, I have recently been quite taken with the interactive qualities of jewelry and the versatility of certain jewelry designs. The idea of play and interaction with jewelry caused my interest in making different types of chains that are able to be manipulated by the wearer. You can expect a playful show filled with interactive pieces and colors that remind you of Summertime.

I will keep you updated on how the show is coming along in future posts!

Until next time…


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