Meet Your Intern at 3WJ


“Come in and play dress up!”   – Owner, Mollie Kiesewetter


Hello, my name is Chelsea and welcome to my very first blog post as the Summer intern!

So far this week as the new intern, I have found the best french fries in the Milwaukee Public Market, learned how to clean jewelry the proper way, and met other local business owners in the Third Ward District of Milwaukee, WI.

This Summer, I will be working on a blog that is dedicated to you. I will highlight the 3rd Ward Jewelry Gallery, the life of a metalsmith, and update you on our events (including my upcoming show!). There will also be posts demonstrating various metalsmithing techniques, artist interviews, and some fantastic styling tips for your jewelry collection.

You are invited to join me in these next few months as I learn about how the 3rd Ward Jewelry Gallery fits into life in Milwaukee. Later this week, I will be telling you more about myself and how I got connected to the 3rd Ward Jewelry Gallery. Keep your eyes peeled!

Just a few things to expect on this blog as we continue…

  • I will refer to the 3rd Ward Jewelry Gallery as “3WJ” quite often.
  • You may read the names “Mollie” and “Jenny” within my blog posts and should know that Mollie is the owner and curator of the 3rd Ward Jewelry Gallery and Jenny is her trusty go-to Manager who works on anything from display to marketing.
  Thanks for visiting and we will talk soon! 

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